Terms of Service


By creating their health and personal profile (hereinafter referred to as the "Profile"), the user of the application (hereinafter referred to as the "User") agrees to the terms of use of the health profile application (hereinafter referred to as the "Application").

It is entirely up to the User whether he wants to use the services of the Application or not to continue using the service and delete all Profiles in his customer account.

No one forces the user to use the Application. Its sole purpose is to provide relevant health and personal information to paramedics, doctors and lay rescuers for quick and effective treatment of a person in need.

We do not dispose of the information stored in the Application Profile other than for the purpose of providing relevant data in the event of a threat to the health and life of the Application User.

The User enters his personal data and other information into the Application voluntarily in order to create his Profile or profiles of persons who have given the User power of attorney or have such a right by law (e.g. parents as legal representatives of their children).

Price for services:


We are constantly developing the system. We finance the sending of SMS messages with information about the injured, which are received by rescuers and other rescuers.

We are working on premium features that may be charged in the future, however, we will always offer the basic features of the online profile (filling in all items and their availability for rescuers) free of charge.

Information stored in the Profile:

It is entirely up to the User which information they enter into their Profile. The Application user is responsible for the timeliness, accuracy and relevance of the information stored in his Profile. The Application User will edit his/her Profile information immediately after it is changed, thus keeping his/her Profile up-to-date.

We process personal data (including sensitive personal data) exclusively in accordance with the purpose for which they were collected, as stipulated in Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on the protection of personal data. In relation to sensitive data, such as health data, the purpose is only to provide relevant data in the event of a threat to the health and life of the Application user.

The Application Provider recommends consulting the User's attending physician about filling out the User's Profile.

Even though the User's Profile can be an important source of information when treating him in the event of an accident, the Application Provider points out that, by its very nature, the information stored in the Profile is of an informative nature only and does not replace the User's current state of health determined by professional rescuers and doctors.

Neither the Application Provider nor any other third party can be held responsible for damage caused by out-of-date or inaccurate information provided in the User Profile.


By activating his Profile using the unique access codes located on the corresponding product ("Access Codes"), the User authorizes the Application Provider to allow authorized access to the User's Profile to medical personnel and anyone who uses the Access Codes marked on the corresponding product.

The User acknowledges that the information provided in his Profile may be accessible to anyone who obtains unique codes intended for access to the Profile in the event of a threat to the User's health.

The User is obliged to protect access to the Access Codes in all circumstances when he does not need immediate help in an emergency. In the event of loss, theft or mere doubt that an unauthorized person has gained access to the Access Codes, the User is obliged to immediately deactivate the relevant Profile and request new Access Codes and their carrier, or Delete the profile if you no longer intend to use it.

Access codes can be entered in an SMS message and sent to the specified phone number, the rescuers will immediately receive an SMS with the main information - who is being helped, whether the person is suffering from an illness or allergy, which close people can be contacted, etc. (for security reasons, the limit is set to 10 messages for a specific bracelet). SMS contains basic information from the system, the content presented here is only exemplary and the Application provider can change it.

For a complete overview of all the information that the user has entered in his Profile, it is possible to enter using the web application (a smartphone with an Internet connection is sufficient).

User statement:



Safety notice related to the use of the Application

In connection with the provision of electronic communications services, we would like to inform you about some of the security risks associated with it and draw your attention to the basic options by which you, as a user of the Application, can protect your personal data, login name and access password, sent SMS code, telephone number and other confidential or sensitive data and computer from theft and misuse. These are basic rules to follow to protect your confidential data and your computer.

We never require you to enter your login information in a place other than the designated login form on the home page of the application provider www.zdravotniprofil.cz, and in no case do we encourage you to do so via a link contained in an e-mail message.

If you got to the login page other than from the www.zdravotniprofil.cz website, or by clicking through your favorite items in the browser, please make sure that you are really on the www.zdravotniprofil.cz website. In the box with the Internet address, https://www.zdravotniprofil.cz should be written, proving the fact that you are actually on the website www.zdravotniprofil.cz.

The user is obliged, at his own expense, to take such measures in his sphere of influence in order to ensure the security of confidential data, which are technically possible and reasonable, taking into account the usual risks of breaching the protection of confidential data. The user acknowledges the risks associated with the provision of electronic communications services and undertakes to follow preventive measures and procedures to ensure the security of confidential data. Failure to comply with these rules and measures may lead to theft and misuse of confidential data and damage to the user or a third party.


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